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About Stuart

My name is Stuart Simpson and I am a fully qualified and insured mobile reflexologist based in Menstrie, Clackmannanshire and beyond. I trained in Reflexology with The Complimentary Therapy School qualifying with Merit in July 2022. The Diploma in Clinical Reflexology from the CTS is a very demanding and thorough course and the only University validated course in Reflexology in the UK. I greatly enjoyed the training and which was very rewarding. I also completed The Diploma in Indian Head Massage during this time, also through the CTS. Shortly before undertaking the course I had moved from working in the Drug & Alcohol field that I had been working in for nearly 20 yrs on/off having completed the Post Graduate Diploma in Alcohol and Drug Studies at the University of Paisley (2001) into working with Autism which I found fascinating and very rewarding.

I have also worked as a professional sports coach having been the Head Coach to the Welsh Canoeing Team for a period and did have a successful career as an athlete myself having represented Great Britain at both Junior and Senior European Championship level. In my late 20s I started hill running and did for 5 years hold the course record for the toughest marathon in Britain at the time (Cape Wrath). I still actively participate in the both these sports, however I'm now in my 50s and my body is starting to fall apart so I will not be winning marathons ever again or doing the Ben Nevis race in under 1hr 50mins but intend to carry on until I do completely fall apart.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a therapy dating back to Ancient Persia that enhances relaxation and stress relief. Therapists find it as rewarding as clients. The belief is that parts of the body are related to specific points on our feet known as 'reflex points' and that by massaging the reflex point improvements in wellbeing may occur. For example the sole of the big toe corresponds to the reflex point for the brain.

The holistic approach...

Holistic is treating a person as a whole, an important principle of reflexology. Holistic aims to enhance mind/body harmony. In deep relaxation the body has the opportunity to restore, heal and re-vitalise itself.

Reflexology is for all ages!

All ages are suitable for reflexology; adults and children and might be particularly helpful with long term conditions that can re-occur. As a complimentary therapy it is not an alternative to conventional medicine and reflexologists neither cure nor diagnose.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage (Champissage) has been utilised in India for thousands of years with it origins being in the Ayurverdic Healing System. It involves massaging areas around the upper back, upper arms, shoulders, neck, face and head which are the body areas most vulnerable to tension and stress.


A deep state of relaxation can occur with reflexology and it is more effective if this occurs. Tension is relieved and circulation improved which helps with the flow of oxygen, energy and nutrients to body parts and helps with toxin removal.


Reflexology is not a cure, however it might be useful with many health conditions particularly those which are constant or re-occurring which people have accepted as part of their normal life.

Reflexology can...

Improve sleep

Provide tension relief

Enhance relaxation

Mood lifting

Booster to wellbeing

Enhance happiness

Helps balance emotions

A few of the more common conditions that can be supported through Reflexology. It is usually safe to have Reflexology alongside conventional medicine, but if you are currently having any medical treatment please speak to your GP before booking an appointment.

Some frequently asked questions...

How many treatments shall I require?

People are different and the response to reflexology is variable but can be immediate. Benefits are often seen after 4-5 treatments. Treatments on a regular basis are optimal for the self healing process of the body to begin. After the initial consultation I will advise on number of reflexology treatments that I think would be beneficial.

What happens in Reflexology?

The treatments is performed on the feet, ankles and hands entirely. The biggest effort you'll have to make is roll your trousers up and lie on your back on a chair with support from pillows and a soft blanket to maintain warmth. It doesn't tickle which is a common worry. Even people who report very ticklish feet find it very relaxing.

Does it hurt?

You could find some areas are sensitive to touch but no hard pressing is involved with reflexology as is utilised in Sports Massage. As a reflexologist I will notice the condition of your feet such as the colour and temperature and these things help to inform the areas of your body which are reflected in your feet that require more attention from reflexology.

Do you diagnose health issues?

Reflexologists do not claim to cure or diagnose. During a reflexology we receive feedback on the parts of the body that are performing well and which aren't. The treatment can highlight a specific area that is working hard or struggling to maintain wellbeing. Reflexologists discuss at the end of the session which 'Reflex Points' might be highlighting areas of concern.

What are your fees & availability?

Reflexology session:

£40- 60 minute session

(90mins 1st session for consultation).

Discounts available for block bookings and students.

Indian Head Massage:

£20 - 30 mins

(60mins 1st session for consultation).

Discounts available for block bookings and students.

Shall I continue with reflexology?

This is not essential but many people choose to continue with regular treatments after the initial sessions for general wellbeing purposes. Sometimes people will get back in touch and arrange sessions as and when they feel it could benefit them.

Get in touch

Contact me if you would like to have a chat about any of the therapies I offer, or to ask about booking Reflexology sessions. Alternatively, you can call me on +44 07774398719.

My location

I am based in Menstrie, Clackmannanshire, and offer mobile services in the surrounding areas of Stirling, Alloa, Falkirk, Perthshire along with Stornoway on occasion.

Fees & availability

Reflexology session:

£40 - 60 minute session

(90mins 1st session for consultation).

Discounts available for block bookings and students.

Indian Head Massage:

£20 - 30 mins

(60mins 1st session for consultation).

Discounts available for block bookings and students.